While studying Art and History, Marc discovered the world of dance and immediately felt at home.

He started designing his own creations and his creativity developed while working for a rapidly expanding clientele.

He then enrolled at Lasalle College (graduating in 1991) in order to further refine his technical skills.

In order to extend his range and to be inspired by as many trends as possible as an artist Marc worked in the costume workshops of theater companies as well as assisting on numerous fashion shows.

Marc considers himself to be an artist who uses clothing as a way to express his talent.

The clothes that I designs must express the personality of the person who will wear them, must define the image that is to be projected so as to attract the judges’ attention and to create that all-important positive first impression.

The final product is the result of years of experience, of listening to his clientele’s needs and aspirations, and of a constant evolution in exploring fabrics and design.

His goal is always to design a unique, high-quality garment in which you will always feel as the one you have always dreamed of being.